Plural Squishiness An article in which we try to sort out the squished feeling we get sometimes. We thought maybe it would help others as well.
Our Plural Closet An essay by Matthew J. Rockwell of our group, describing what it is like to be "closetted" or not out as multiple, metaphorically speaking.
Busting the Myths that Media Creates An article in which we discuss our thoughts on the normal mode of media portrayal of multiplicity and attempt to debunk a few myths along the way.
Across The Wire David discusses the worry that we have when dealing with nonmultiples who know about our multiplicity and the difficulty sometimes inherent in speaking with those people.
The Illusion of the Proper Plural All forms of multiplicity are valid, no matter what their origins and no matter whether you have a place you go when you leave front or not.
Multiple Defenses A discussion of multiple defenses and how detrimental it can be when these defenses outlive their usefulness.
Stuck Front Being stuck at the front sucks. Just know you're not alone.
Coming Out Dos and don'ts of coming out...Coming soon.
For Parents A guide for parents whose children are multiple.
Appearances Appearances can be deceiving where multiples are concerned.
Plural etiquette II A general but rather blunt guide for anyone who is just getting to know a plural

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